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MajesticDive is solely owned by Majestic Travel . It is an international travel agency of 14 years experiences with the headquarter based in Kuala Lumpur. Majestic Travel specialize designed to provide global inbound and outbound travels to countries around the world. Whichever you are looking for business travels, cultural exchange travel experience, shopping trips, diving trips or even mountaineer trips all under one roof in Majestic Travel.


We provide one-stop travel services globally

World Diving tourism destination

Scuba Diving Courses

Corporate / Business / Meetings / Rewards / Forums / MICE tourism (MICE)

Business visits and exchanges / trade negotiations / organizing training / Investment Consulting

Various visa application / Invitation / customized travel route

Free and Easy Tour / Group Sightseeing Tour / Self Drive Tour

World reservations of hotel / travel vehicles / commercial vehicles / flights / tour guide

Summer / Winter Camp Study Tour

Meanwhile, in order for a better development of the Chinese market, Majestic Travel has setup offices in Guang Zhou, Beijing and Shang Hai as well in providing a more convenient and quality of tourism-related consultancy services to China region.


MajesticDive is one of the major project of Majestic Travel. With the theme of Scuba Diving and the development of global diving tourism network,diving enthusiasts will have a better understanding on the whole new concept of diving trips.

Along with the diving sports popular around the world, going into the underwater world is no longer a fairy-tale but an endless romantic surprise! Diving is evolved to become a leisure activity while sports movement would be the main element so as to achieve the purpose of workout yet entertaining at the same time. Therefore, it is widely loved by the public.

In addition, we also received several supports from the tourism offices, resort and dive center around the world which include Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Maldives, and etc. in working together for the development of the country’s dive tourism projects.

MajesticDive will be introducing a series of worldwide diving travel experience, price range from affordable to high-end travel packages as well as from free and easy diving trips to tour package. Also, MajesticDive has specially designed travel packages available for divers and non-divers as to capture the requirements or needs from different range of people.

MajesticDive will draw support from the impact of corporation towards the tourism market in Malaysia and China for a full development of global tourism market of diving in providing the platform for divers around the world in sharing experiences and cultural development. MajesticDive has gained strong support and corporation with a number of international diving organization including:

  • National Association of Underwater Instructor (NAUI)
  • Professional Association of Diving Instructor (PADI)
  • Scuba School International (SSI)

Our Missions

Number of scuba diving in the china or even in the world has continued to grow, scuba diving has become a Recreational Sports, and each year the number of participants has been doubling in growth. As to the current diving development, to become a qualified divers and is not difficult to, and also fees are not high.

Scuba diving could be addicted, once the new students become qualified divers, they will going for scuba diving trip frequently. Every year, divers are increasing and diver skill set will be improve to search for a better and much more interested place for dive. MajesticDive Club will help every SCUBA diver Learn More the about diving destination information, and to provide different levels of diving products, and more detailed, the one-stop-shop mode of operation, and to provide you with more convenience for snorkelling tour in comparison with other clubs from time to time to cater for the Organization, we are going to ship packages, organized regular scuba diving in the world Diving, when you want to travel in diving, you will be the first time would think our services

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